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The right place to do business is the first step to success!

Exclusive first-hand source for commercial food shops

TrillionGroups holds a property agency license. Our professional property agency team can plan your catering business for you.

Shop source, Development planning, Rental / Buying, management which we can arrange for you.

At the same time, TrillionsGroup also has an exclusive first-hand source of commercial food shops.

Under the rapid development of the Catering Industry in Hong Kong, Trilliongroups can find a proper shop location for you and make your business change from ONE to MANY.

Pave the way for your SUCCESS in the market!

Catering real estate services in Southeast Asia

Entering Southeast Asia for Your Catering Business

To do business big, it’s not enough to be based in Hong Kong!
Qianshang Group has branches in Indonesia and Shanghai to help you solve your worries about entering the Southeast Asian diet.

One-stop shop for you in Southeast Asia

We have a multi-language team specializing in one-stop restaurant services.
From setting up a local company, finding shop sources, decoration, catering licenses, and market planning are all done for you!

You can own your second stronghold in Southeast Asia for as little as ten cents in Hong Kong

Have you ever thought you could have your own restaurant
The overall price in the Indonesian market is lower than Hong Kong, but at the same time, it has the advantage of being dense enough to become a huge consumer
Therefore, many investors in Hong Kong have established themselves in the Indonesian market in the early years.

Indonesian European Restaurant

Indonesian Cafe

Indonesian Seafood Restaurant

Traditional Indonesian restaurant

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